What is a Yearbook?
A GradFinale Yearbook is a permanent and fun record of your time at University/School. - A fantastic and unique keepsake. It is a book dedicated to your stories, opinions, experiences and photographs from your years as a student.
All GradFinale Yearbooks are produced to a high standard. They are perfect bound with a gloss front cover. Each Yearbook has a fun photograph montage, student profile pages and photographs, light-hearted awards, amusing staff contributions, a list of contact details to help you keep in touch with university friends after graduation (University Yearbooks only), and a collection of thank you and goodbye messages. [top]
How can I order my Yearbook?
If you are a final year student at University, you can pre-order your Yearbook throughout the year just click here to download the form. If you are at School, Sixth Form or College, you will receive your order form via a mail out. [top]
What do I have to do to be included in the Yearbook?
To appear in the Yearbook you MUST send in an entry. Your entry can be the completed Yearbook page with photo, just your photo and contact details, just your contact details, or just a photo(s).
You do not have to answer all the questions on the Yearbook page, and you can add your own additional comments. If you would prefer to write your own text without using the questions as a guide, then you can. Just email it to us at [top]
Do I have to submit photographs and how do I do it?
One passport photograph is needed of yourself to accompany your Yearbook page. It is not compulsory to submit a photograph. In addition to this any photographs of you and your friends that you want featured will go in a colour photo collage.
When scanning an image it needs to be at the correct quality for print. We recommend all images are scanned at 300dpi and supplied as a JPEG or TIF. Please note: transfer rate is approx 4k per sec on a 56k modem. [top]
What is the Award Section?
At the end of your Yearbook page you will find a list of awards such as, "First student to make a million". Just type the name of who you think is most eligible for this award in the box provided.
No one will know who you voted for. The votes are tallied up and the students and staff with the most votes for each award will be printed in the 'Award Section'. Please type the full name of your nominees. [top]
How can I get more information?
You will find our company address, e-mail, and telephone number all under 'contact us' on the main menu. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions and queries that you may have. [top]
How and when will I receive my Yearbook?
If you are at University you can either reserve your Yearbook so it is available to collect at your Graduation Ceremony* or if you are unsure if you are attending your Ceremony or unable to attend you can pay the postage charge and have your Yearbook mailed out to you - please note these will be despatched after the Graduation Ceremonies.
* Reading University Yearbooks are mailed out only. [top]
Do I have to pay to be in the Yearbook?
Your entry in the Yearbook is free. However if you wish to purchase your Yearbook please click here to download the order form. [top]
Can I add extra photographs?
Please feel free to upload your favourite photographs for inclusion in the fun colour photo montage. We will make optimum effort to include as many of the photos submitted as possible. They can be of field trips, nights out, holidays, study groups, sports matches, club/team shots, close friends, and the list goes on... [top]
What is the deadline for Yearbook Entries?
To be confirmed - however this answer will vary between institution. [top]
How can I purchase a past Yearbook?
Please email requesting the availability of an 'old' Yearbook. We will check our stock and contact you directly to finalise the details of the order. [top]